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Barcelonnette s’éveille… mais je m’en vais

During the second weekend of April, everybody in the Vallée de l’Ubaye was happy to take advantage of 75 degree weather and strong, clear sunshine.  Summer had come early!  Social events multiplied, and it seemed to me that Barcelonnette was … Continue reading


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Putting down (temporary) roots

It’s strange to think that I have barely written about my life in Barcelonnette.  I guess it’s harder to write about la vie quotidienne than it is to write about voyages here and there.  But lately, as have noticed my … Continue reading

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Christmas in a foreign clime

Sometimes my all-too-literal mind has a hard time understanding homesickness.  How can a place exert such a force on one’s mindset and emotions?  If you are well-fed, clothed, clean, and surrounded by people, how can you long to be somewhere … Continue reading

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All triumphs, great and small

Living in a foreign country can make you inordinately proud of small accomplishments.  For example, the sight of my laundry hanging to dry on the clothesline I rigged up myself made me very happy the other day. The process of … Continue reading

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On A Marché Sur La Lune

My first weekend in Barcelonnette left nothing to be desired except for hiking boots.  On Saturday I made it to the market, despite sleeping rather late.  My Roman housemate Michela and I headed over together and I discovered that the … Continue reading

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