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Senior Project Manager at The Working World, a non-profit CDFI with an investment fund that focuses on loans and equity investments for worker-owned cooperative businesses. Recently graduated with an MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University. Formerly Executive Director of the BerkShares local currency program in Western Massachusetts and Director of Programs at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics. Former line cook and prep cook at Txikito Cocina Vasca. Writer, teacher, and traveler.

While shepherds watch their flocks by night…

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Originally posted on Mayflower Farm:
We’ve been finishing this year’s lambs on the green green grass that runs alongside the Appalachian Trail north of our house, at the Kellogg Conservation Center.  The pasture is great up there, but there’s no…

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Mayflower Farm Merguez

After a marathon sausage-stuffing session the Maggio and Bizalion clans proudly present:  Don’t miss the chance to eat merguez with mustard, merguez with harissa, merguez on a baguette… and learn how to grill over a wood fire!  Join us Sunday, … Continue reading

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Berry Season

If there’s anything that makes you feel the seasons around here, it’s harvesting berries.  Let me explain the progression to you.  Tell me if it rings true. When raspberries, for example, first come into season you fall head over heels … Continue reading

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Un bacio da Nonna

In March of 2011, my grandmother, Nonnie, packed her suitcases and flew to Barcelona with her friend Nancy.  After a few days visiting museums and rambling down Las Ramblas arm-in-arm (to look more Spanish and therefore avoid pickpockets) they hopped … Continue reading

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Wait, how did it end? Mayflower Farm Lamb Dinner, Part 2

I never got around to writing about how the lamb dinner actually turned out.  And I never posted any mouthwatering photos of the food or sexy photos of the cooks in action.  Now’s the time to make up for this … Continue reading

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While visions of gingerbread danced in my head

Have you ever received a 4 a.m. text message from your boss, asking “Are you looking for a project for your day off?” Neither had I, until a few weeks ago. The project Alex had in mind was a gingerbread … Continue reading

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The Meat and Bones of the Matter

Time has flown since the Mayflower Farm Lamb Dinner met with rave reviews from diners.  Although it’s been more than a month since the big night, I hope that those who attended are still savoring the memory of the evening.  … Continue reading

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Don’t miss the “pop-up” event of the season!

Join us for a farm-to-table dinner in the Berkshire Hills, prepared by New York chefs/restauranteurs (and Iron Chef contestants!) Alex Raij and Eder Montero. If you don’t live too far from Egremont, MA, (and by too far I mean in … Continue reading

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My Massachusetts home

Even if it means leaving Paris, Provence, or New York City behind, it’s always easy to come home to the Berkshires. The amount of surrounding green and all the familiar faces sometimes overwhelms me, so I venture off the farm … Continue reading

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Into the frying pan

In which I suddenly find myself working as a cook at a Basque restaurant. Moving back to New York has destroyed my feet and the early-rising habits I had developed in Massachusetts, but so far the adventures have been worth … Continue reading

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